Volt is an ultra-fast and designer-friendly templating language written in C for PHP. It provides you a set of helpers to write views in an easy way. Volt is highly integrated with other components of Phalcon, just as you can use it as a stand-alone component in your applications.

CodeLobster IDE has basic built-in support for Volt and provides the following abilities for work comfortable work with .volt files:

Volt syntax highlighting

CodeLobster IDE supports Volt syntax highlighting in the Editor to make it easier to read the semantics of the structured content by displaying each type of code in different colors and fonts. This feature helps you to check code for errors, as it highlights mismatched enclosing characters with a different color.


You can configure colors in Tools | Preferences | Editor Colors

Intelligent Volt Autocomplete

The Intellisense autocomplete for Volt feature helps write code faster. The completion list is called automatically in the necessary area of Node.js code. Pop-up completion list includes:

Code commenting

CodeLobster IDE comments the lines on depending on the syntax of the selected code (<! –– HTML ––>, /* CSS */, and so on).

  • To comment on a line of code, place the caret at the appropriate line and press Alt + C or select Edit | Comment line main menu item.

    Also, you can Comment Line by Line pressing Alt + X or select Edit | Comment lines by the line main menu item.

  • To uncomment selected fragment of code, use Alt + U shortcut or select Edit | Uncomment lines main menu item.

If you need to undo or redo your changes, press Ctrl + Z (Ctrl + Shift + Z) respectively.


See more about Comment lines

Code collapsing

You can fold or unfold any manually selected regions in code. CodeLobster IDE folds or unfolds the current code fragment, for example, a single method. Folded code fragments are shown as a shaded box ( ).

To fold a code fragment:

  • Select Edit | Code Collapsing | Collapse Block (Ctrl + Num + -) main menu item or move the mouse over the gutter and click -.

To unfold a code fragment:

  • Select Edit | Code Collapsing | Collapse Block (Ctrl + Num + +) main menu item or move the cursor over the gutter and click +.

CodeLobster IDE collapses or expands all fragments within the selection, or, if nothing is selected, all fragments in the current file.

  • To collapse or expand all code fragments, select Edit | Code Collapsing | Collapse All Blocks main menu item (Ctrl + Shift + -) or Edit | Code Collapsing | Expand All Blocks (Ctrl + Shift + +) item.

When you hover cursor to folded fragment you see a code preview tooltip:


See more about Code collapsing