Context help

You can specify the location of the context help files for HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript languages. The disabled fields are used to specify custom source for context help.

For example if you have locally installed online HTML reference ( http://localhost/html/help.php?tag=<tag_name>) and its server script accepts HTML tag name as a parameter, you can specify URL of the server script as a custom source.

For that, choose Custom source and input proper path in the field, replacing the HTML tag name with %s (in our example http://localhost/html/help.php?tag=%s).

A minor exception to the general rule is PHP context help: there is a chm file from official PHP documentation, choice for it. In order to use this source, you should input the local path to .chm help file in the corresponding field on the right. If you have no idem file, you can download it - for that, click the download .chm link.


To restore settings to their default values, press the Default button.