Opening and saving projects

CodeLobster IDE lets you open only one project simultaneously in different windows. When you close the current project, all changes are saved to the project file.

To open an existing project:

  1. Choose the Project | Open Project main menu item.


    Click the Open Project button on the top of the Project window.

  2. Select a project from the disk.

  3. Click the OK button

Reopening recent projects

The last project reopens, by default, when CodeLobster IDE starts. You can open one of the 16 (it can be modified in Tools | Preferences | General) recently opened projects.

  1. Choose the Project | Recent Projects main menu item.

  2. Choose project from the drop-down list

Closing projects

To close a project:

  • From the main menu, select Project | Close Project.


  • In the Project window right-click on the project and select Close Project.