HTML/CSS/PHP Code Validator

Code Validator of CodeLobster IDE supports the following languages: HTML, CSS, PHP.

Code Validator processes the following errors:


Syntax errors in



Errors can be validated by CodeLobster IDE, whichconstantly analyzes your code in the background. Since we love bug-free code, warnings and errors show up in multiple places:

In Editor CodeLobster IDE marks and underlines all found errors:

And collects all errors into a special: Errors window

Errors window

The Errors window displays information about a specific error message. Double-click any error message entry to open the file where the problem occurs, and move to the error location.

To display the Errors window, choose View | Panels | Errors main menu item.

To sort the list, click any column header. To change the order in which columns are displayed, drag any column header to the left or right.