Status bar

The status bar at the bottom shows event messages and descriptions of actions when you hover over them with the mouse pointer. It also indicates the overall project and IDE status and provides access to various settings. The table below lists default icons and elements shown on the status bar. Depending on the set of plugins and configuration settings, there can be many other elements in addition to the default ones.

Table 1. Main toolbar



Stop button. Use this to stop the FTP/SFTP uploading or download process.


Show the encoding of the current file in the editor.


Set up line separators (line endings) for new files:

  • Unix and OS X \n

  • Windows \r\n\

  • Mac OS \r


Line number from top to the current cursor position.


Column number from left to the current cursor position.


Character number from left to the current cursor position. It might differ from 'Column' when you use Tabs for indenting your code.

Sel: Ch | Ln

Show characters (Ch) and lines number (Ln) of the selected code fragment.


Show status of the Insert key on your keyboard, which allows you to replace text as you type.