FTP connection setting

If you right-click on FTP and select Modify the system opens the FTP connection settings window as shown below:



Server type

Use to select server type: FTP or SFTP

Connection name

Enter connection name

Address or URL

Enter your domain name here or the name of the hosting server where your account resides.


Enter the port of the hosting server

User name

Enter your username.


Enter your password.

Private key file

If you use SFTP, you need to specify the location of a public-key authentication file.

Remote path

The remote path field controls which folder the file is uploaded to on the web server. Depending on your website set up, this may be an optional field. Leaving the remote path blank means the file will be uploaded to the default folder your FTP account logs into. A remote path can start with ../ and ../../

Local path

Specify the local path for saving temporary files.

File transfer type

By default, Transmit runs in Automatic mode, which means that Transmit will make a decision about whether to use ASCII or binary for each file based on its file type extension. For example, an “html” file would be sent in ASCII mode and a “png” file would be sent in binary mode.

Passive mode

Use Passive mode session options to toggle between the active and the passive mode.

Connection type

Choose the connection type:

  • Standart

  • SSL explicit

  • TLS explicit

  • SSL implicit