Configuring Xdebug in CodeLobster IDE

Before running PHP Debugger, you should configure it in the Preferences menu:

  1. Select Tools | Preferences | Debugger

  2. In the left grid choose Debuggers item and click Settings property

  3. In the right grid set appropriate values for the following properties:

    • Virtual folder - define the path to the HTTP server virtual folder, for example, in Apache it named as DocumentRoot - the directory out of which you will serve your documents. By default, all requests are taken from this directory, but symbolic links and aliases may be used to point to other locations.

    • Start URL - specify start URL for debugging without project folder and index file. Virtual host URL, which uses your HTTP server, http://localhost/ by default.

    • Port - appoint the port through which the tool will communicate with CodeLobster IDE. By default, Xdebug listens on port 9000.


      Do not change determined Port, if do not use this port for your applications!

    • IDE Key (optional) - IDE Key Xdebug should pass on to the DBGp debugger handler. The default is based on environment settings. First the environment setting DBGP_IDEKEY is consulted, then USER and as last USERNAME. The default is set to the first environment variable that is found. If none could be found the setting has as default ''. If this setting is set, it always overrides the environment variables.

    • Xdebug auto start

      When this setting is enabled,

    • Project URL for debugging - define project url (without index file). You can open it in your default browser by pressing F5.

    • Project home URL - define home project URL for debugging. It will open as a next page in your default browser (Shift + F8).