Source code navigation

Navigate with the caret´╗┐

  • To navigate backward select Edit | Move cursor | Back main menu item or press Alt + Down. To navigate forward, use Edit | Move cursor | Forward item or press Alt + Up.

  • To move caret location to the next function, select Edit | Move cursor | Next function or press Alt + PgDown. To navigate to the previous function, use Edit | Move cursor | Previous function item or press Alt + PgUp.

  • To navigate to the start of the block, press Ctrl + [ or select Edit | Pair Selection | Move to the start of block main menu item.

    To move to end of the block, use Ctrl + ] keys or select Edit | Pair Selection | Move to the end of block item.

Navigate between errors or warnings´╗┐

Errors can be validated by CodeLobster IDE, which constantly analyze your code in the background. Use the Errors window to jump to the found issue in your code. To display the Errors window, choose View | Panels | Errors main menu item. Double-click any error message entry to open the file where the problem occurs, and move to the error location.

Go to definition

You can jump to the local declaration of a variable. Similar to Find Symbol view, but local to the current file.

If a language supports it, you can go to the definition of a symbol:

  • Place cursor at the symbol select Edit | Go to definition main menu item.

  • Place cursor at the symbol and press F12 hotkey.

  • Hold Ctrl key and click over a symbol:

Controller/View navigation

CodeLobster IDE can quickly switch between Controllers and Views in the Editor when developing. You can navigate between Template (/views/...) and Action (/controllers/...).

When you inside a Controller press Alt + O (or select Edit | Go to corresponding file main menu item) to jump to the corresponded View.

Open file in Project workspace

You can bring up the Open File in project workspace pop-up dialog by pressing Ctrl + Shit + O or choose Project | Open File in workspace main menu item.

Find symbol

You can find any item in the project or outside of it by its name using the Find symbol dialog, just press Alt + Shift + S hotkey combination.

Go to line

You can navigate precisely to a location in the document you are editing by using the Go to dialog box.


Default hotkeys: Ctrl+G

To open this dialog box:

  1. Open the Search menu and choose the Go to Line menu item

  2. Specify the line number and click the OK button.